Knowing is in the Doing

I’m not satisfied with outcomes that are just ‘good enough.’ I want outcomes to be great.

IT breaks my heart to see so many families and children struggling. It’s hard enough being a parent, but when a child has regular meltdowns, aggressive behavior or is out of control, it can be almost unbearable. Between feeling alienated from community, sleepless nights worrying about your child, and calls from the school, the stress may become overwhelming. Then add to that additional transitions with trips to specialists and clinics, with a child who already doesn’t transition well, and something’s gotta give!

There is another way! What I’ve learned from 20+ years in the field, studying with masters like Lucy Jane Miller at the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation and learning from the published works of revered developmentalists like Dr. Stanley Greenspan of the floortime approach and Dr. Norman Doige’s work on the plasticity of the brain, is that it can be so much better!

Seeing the light come back on for kids and parents is what makes me tick. In my practice I see this result time and time again by honoring the original neurological design of children through nature-led, fun ‘occupation’ outside is what I do best. It is my mission to arm you with the tools that work, so you feel fiercely confident in your ‘outside the box’ choices. Seeing the light come back on for kids and parents is what makes me tick.

In 2017 I left my full-time job as an educational, occupational therapist because I just couldn’t tell one more parent what is ‘wrong’ with their child without being able to offer a real solution.

With Nature’s Lead and the support of science, it became apparent that children and families grow and heal best under certain conditions outside. I have worked both in, and out of the proverbial ‘box,’ and I can tell you without a doubt, the box is much, much too small for the brightest lights.

After years of people asking me to open another ‘clinic’ I recognized that a truly alive child who has ease in his being doesn’t fit in a box. I began to see that the therapies that work are the ones that mimic our evolutionary development in nature. Children (and families) grow and heal best under specific conditions; conditions that meet what their neurology is designed for and what it expects. The newest neurological science is proving that without a shadow of a doubt, to develop a truly healthy neurological system, free from anxiety, developmental delays and emotional meltdowns, a child needs to be ‘wired’ in nature with active and directed sensory-motor input, connective practices, modeled behavioral techniques and a way to integrate these experiences.

The best occupational therapy clinics are using techniques that mimic our evolved sensory processing abilities and our developmental design from millions of years in nature. By using similar techniques, outside in the very environment that built us, we can get results, and have a much greater connective experience; alleviating transitions, behaviors, emotions, anxiety, and societally induced pressure to perform.

Clinic-based therapies are limited by the literal walls that house them; using environments that are man-made and contrived. When we go outside, those limitations no longer exist. You can’t bring the clinic home, but nature is right outside your door.

With a Nature-Led Approach©, things like going from the house to the car can shift from a minefield of explosive emotions and the resulting PTSD like symptoms for the whole family, to a fantastic adventure ending with everyone getting in the car without a meltdown; all while remediating negative behaviors and building skills in real time.

Imagine waking up tomorrow, and there is ease, and laughter in your home. No behavior meltdowns are getting in the way of having a joyful day. You feel totally in love with your kid, your family, your life. You go to bed thinking: “I feel really great about my parenting” and your child beams a bright light in the world.

I’m Kathleen Lockyer, an occupational therapist, and mother of two amazing women. I have spent the last 25 years gathering, learning and distilling research, strategies, and techniques to make better humans. I want to keep the lights on in kids eyes and turn it back on for those who have grown dim. I wish every kid to be well and every parent to LOVE their parenting journey.

My soul’s purpose here is to bring two decades of learned skills, a voice of reason and a sigh of relief to you and your child’s needs. You know your child best. With my expertise and your desire to do the best for your child, we can transform life for you and your child.

My team and I work with children and families using techniques that honor the core design of the human neurological system, and we witness miracles every day. Change is possible. Life can be better. I can show you how…