Topics, Urban Nature Connection – and forest bathing!

How could these two things coexist? Or can they? From forest to city, nature may be hiding in plain sight! Stay Tuned for more on this great session with Caitlin Williams, internationally certified Animal Track and Sign expert, lead trainer with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides, Adopted Auntie of many and a generally fun, thoughtful and skilled mentor!

About the Guests

Caitlin C Williams

Caitlin has more than two decades of experience in nature mentoring, human development, wildlife tracking, wilderness survival, environmental science, and naturalist skills. She works in partnership with organizations offering deep nature experiences, skills for development of an ecological self and tools for ecological restoration. Caitlin is the Mentor Training Project Manager at Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and Adjunct Faculty at Weaving Earth: Center for Relational Education. She has been a mentor and guide with ANFT since the first training in 2014. Find her at