Tech, Sleep and more!

Kerry Crofton, Ph.d and author of “The Family Tech Plan – Less Screen, More Green: Reconnecting the family with each other and the natural world.” joins us for this informative session where we discuss this challenging time when many families are inside watching movies, playing video games – on their screens more than usual; part of our new reality until this crisis passes.

Join us and hear about positive solutions – easy things we can do – to keep our families healthy in this digital age. We can rediscover the enjoyment of screen-free activities; reconnect with each other; do many things we usually don’t have the time; develop skills to deal with stress and anxiety, and get out in nature – keeping a safe distance.

We can also learn how to free ourselves from addictive tech habits, and balance our screentime with greentime and enjoy the many benefits of both.

AND what about SLEEP???? That is where Heather Boyd comes in. Her website says “Helping Tired Parents Thrive…” We could all use a little advice from Heather!

With routines disrupted and sleep patterns needing to find a “new normal” Heather’s compassionate and informative support is a warm welcome to families everywhere!

About the Guests

Heather Boyd

Heather is a private practice occupational therapist from Ontario, Canada and mother of three. She provides virtual consulting to families looking for attachment-based support for infant sleep challenges and infant development. Her expertise on the impact of dampness and mould on sleep, child health and development adds to her work with families and health care providers in supporting healthy environments, indoors and out. Find her at

Kerry Crofton

Kerry is a health educator and founder of Global Alliance for Brain and Heart Health,a Canadian charity organization. Kerry is also a mother, grandmother and author. Her latest book is “Less Screen, More Green: The Mindful Tech Plan is digital detox made fun using the powers of nature, mindfulness and being truly connected.” Kerry has been teaching wellness programs and mindfulness meditation for many years. In this digital age, she has dedicated herself to children and family health, especially connecting them with each other and the natural world. Find her at