Have you heard about Italians literally singing from the rooftops during the pandemic?

Join us and two community song leaders who have been inspiring families to remember that song was once at the heart of connected, thriving communities. Join Ida Rotto who is known for inspiring young children, pre-teens and even teenagers to sing, along with Step Drouin who leads communities through “Sing for Joy” in Toronto. This will be great fun for the whole family (and the neighborhood too!)

About the Guests

Ida Rotto

Ida (she/her) was born and raised in the Upper Iowa River watershed along Canoe Creek, where she first learned to love the early morning voice of the wood peewee. She is a lover of music and a student of the natural world. She is dedicated to making space where children can slow to the pace of nature and enter a give-and-take conversation of learning with the land. Ida has been engaged in youth mentoring since she was a teen, and most recently is a graduate of Weaving Earth Center for Relational Education and Rx Outside Nature-Led Training for Mentors.

Stephanie Drouin

Steph has been serving as a Community Songleader with Sing for Joy in Toronto, leading weekly song circles. Steph has studied and sang with choirs all around the world. Steph is founder of “Fiercely OK,” which is creating spaces of song & belonging to nourish wellness & resilience in three accessible community centres, including the YWCA, The Stop Community Food Centre, and the Davenport-Perth Neighborhood & Community Health Centre. She holds a vision of all people having access to enlivening community singing experiences within walking distance of their homes. Find her at www.patreon.com/fiercelyok