In Kathleen’s “Nature-Led Approach” model, she teaches that people need to be outside in all weather. Chris and Arlene of the Guelph Outdoor School in Ontario Canada do this BEST! They get families outside all year round. They are also known for bringing nature connection to the teachers and students in the public schools in their community as well as getting community leaders on board with the value of nature connection. Join us for an informative chat with these two brilliant mentors and school founders.

About the Guests

Christopher Green

Chris has been the director of Guelph Outdoor School since its inception in 2012. He has a post-graduate degree of Education from the University of Edinburgh. Chris has taught in Tanzania, Honduras, Scotland, and Germany. Chris’s enthusiasm for bringing nature to all kids helped him bring his program to many of the local public schools where he lives in Guelph. Chris is a proud Dad of two girls. Find him at

Arlene Slocombe

As a mother of two girls, Arlene says she is reminded daily of the importance in guiding and mentoring the natural curiosity and deep sense of empathy already existing in children. Arlene is a naturalist who offers wild-crafting, folk herbal remedies, plant fibre crafts and bird language, to her community. She shares a sense of AWE that we can all experience when we stop, listen, tend, and sit in gratitude of this majestic world. Find her at