Knowing is in the Doing

Hi ! Im Kathleen Lockyer OTRIL

I’m not satisfied with outcomes that are just ‘good enough.’ I want outcomes to be great.

IT breaks my heart to see so many families and children struggling.

What I’ve learned from 20+ years of experience in the field, studying with masters, co-founding a non-profit and working with hundreds of children, is that it doesn’t have to be so hard!

In 2017 I left my full-time job as an educational, occupational therapist because I just couldn’t tell one more parent what is ‘wrong’ with their child without being able to offer a real solution.

For many years people asked me to ‘open another clinic’, but my understanding that the brightest lights don’t fit in a box led me to tear down the box and create a science backed neurologically sound, model of service with long lasting results.

Current neurological science is proving that without a shadow of a doubt, to develop a truly healthy neurological system, free from anxiety, developmental delays and emotional meltdowns, a child needs to be ‘wired’ in nature with active and directed sensory-motor input, connective practices, modeled behavioral techniques and a way to integrate these experiences.