Knowing is in the Doing

Kathleen Lockyer and the Nature Led Story


In 2017 I was working as an educational occupational therapist when my boss sent me to the E.R.

She thought I was having a heart attack. (You can read the full story here.) It turned out to be a panic attack triggered because I was overwhelmed with explaining to parents and other professionals what was wrong with so many children who were referred to me— without having the power or program to make a lasting change.

Realizing how serious the stress had become on my health, I quit my job.

I took my years of experience as an in the trenches occupational therapist, early interventionist, and clinic-based pediatric therapist, coupled with my previous time as an out-of-the-box OT and co-founder of an outdoor school, and created the Nature-Led Approach. (See my section of influencers below)

The Nature-Led Approach isn’t just for struggling children. It is a model that helps all children reach their full potential— while offering rehabilitative solutions for those who missed the opportunities nature offers to each unique and special human.

Discussions of behavioral issues, emotional regulation, developmental disorders, learning challenges, attention, lack of empathy, or the epidemic of mental health problems in childhood are completely irrelevant unless we implement an interactive experience in nature as a core part of development and rehabilitation.

And to do that, adults must have more than a basic understanding of why nature matters, and how to engage with it.

The Nature-Led Approach bridges nature with developmental science for professionals, nature mentors, and parents. The approach shakes out the nonsense of today’s unrealistic expectations and distills what is truly necessary—painting a beautiful and hopeful picture for future generations.

Regardless of whether you have backpacked the wilds of Alaska or Navigated the back alleys of New York City. Whether you can track a fox across hard-packed dirt, or you can’t tell a fox from a coyote, this training closes a gap between science, practice and, nature connection.

In a language that can be understood by all, The Nature Led Approach tells the undeniable and essential story that is held within the operating system of every person alive today.

What people say most about the Nature-Led story is that it hits them “straight in the gut with a big aha!” and that “it just makes sense!” 

It’s a prescription a million years in the making!