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Minimize negative behaviors. Maximize your child’s gifts. Bring peace to your parenting journey and raise a kid who turns to nature.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have read that nature is good for people, especially developing children. But how good is it? Why are so many doctors now prescribing nature?

Maybe you have heard another parent or teacher mention the word “sensory” in reference to your child? What does nature have to do with sensory support and emotional regulation?

Children require engagement and contact with various elements of nature to reach their full potential. Sign up for this three-part webinar series and learn why and how nature can help you and your child.

This is a recording of a previous live webinar series. It includes handouts and a mini digital book.

Course Outline

Part One –

  • Begin with Gratitude
  • What is a Nature-Led Approach to raising children?
  • Introduction to the foundations for human development.
  • Introduction to sensory development and integration.
  • How a child’s neurological system is built by nature.
  • Statistics of childhood challenges.
  • How and why nature is essential to a child’s developmental potential.

Part Two –

  • Begin with Gratitude
  • Defining what behavior is and isn’t.
  • What is emotion and how to build a child’s ability to regulate it.
  • Why so many children (and people) have a difficult time with emotions.
  • The concept of a “Body Budget.”
  • Kinds of stress and how stress affects a developing child.
  • Dosing nature – simple tricks to use today!

Part Three –

  • Begin with Gratitude
  • Attention and Focus in a scan and swipe society.
  • More to play than meets the eye!
  • Do you see what I see?
  • A bit about technology and screen-time.
  • Dosing nature for attention and focus – simple things you can do today!

  • Our Secret Sense: Ancient Secrets, Modern Children
  • How Stress Affects the Developing Child
  • Nature-Led Approach Checklist 1
  • Nature-Led Approach Checklist 2
  • Clarifying the Roles of Homeostasis and Allostasis in Physiological Regulation
  • Sensory Checklist for Parents
  • Pyramid of Learning
  • The Theory of Constructed Emotion