September 12, 2019 – September 15, 2019 all-day
Kathleen Lockyer

Join our Fall Cohort and discover how humans are built by nature.

Learn to awaken, engage, and integrate the developmental needs of children through the Nature-Led Approach©
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Best practice for human development includes the brilliance of nature.
What if we could live in a world where looking into the eyes of children was like seeing lights for a better future?

My Nature-Led Approach guides children in becoming whole again. By using this approach, you will witness children become curious, resilient, joyful, humans who will be capable of solving the problems our world faces.

The Nature-Led Approach Certification is a training and mentorship like no other. In this fun and easy to digest training, I weave together science, immersive nature connection, developmental research, and the neurological needs of children. This comprehensive workshop and 9-month mentorship gives you the insight, tools and language you need to access all nature has to offer for your program, class or family.

“This is precisely the knowledge and skill set that any professional working with kids (or people, really) needs to meet the demands of this societal and environmental moment and to create a hopeful, healthy future.” – participant

AND, I make it fun, accessible, and easy to digest. It will change you AND the way you practice or parent.